Chuck Williams | Logger Lyrics

My Loyal Companion

This ole guitar has been my loyal companion through many lonely nights. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

When I bought her new in 2005, she was the first guitar I ever bought. I had just learned three chords. People thought I had lost my mind to pay $2,500 for her When I couldn’t even play.

But the Lord knew how much comfort I would be needing, and how much comfort it would bring to others as I sing to them. When I’m lonely and feeling down. I hold her in my arms, strumming her. Then I sing myself happy!

  1. I played it. Good work!

    • Nathan Shoup hope you are doing well my friend. I miss our talks

      • I’m good buddy, hope you’re well. Text me next time you play at an open mic, I will be there.

        • Nathan Shoup I haven’t been doing any lately.
          Been in Georgia recording, heading back there next on the 20th. Spending more time writing, practicing and recording. Will private message you.

  2. Sounds like a good country song….LOL! <3 Yes, they can bring a lot of comfort....

  3. Nice bone…what year?

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