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Great Experience at Georgetown Vineyards

Just wanted to share what a great experience I had playing at ” Georgetown Vineyards ” last night.

When I first started playing at several central Ohio wineries. One of the owners at a Winery up north said to me….” I don’t care what you play, just so you can keep the customers here and they enjoy it. Because the longer you keep them here, the more money they spend. ”

Last night the people who came stayed for a couple hours after finishing their meal. They turned their chairs around so they could face me and listen intently. One couple in particular were from Cincinnati and were just passing through. When they were leaving, the gentleman came up and put a sizable tip in the tip bucket and said…..” You Sir, did a wonderful job and you are truly one of a kind. ”

I believe that I have found my niche by just being me. I’m not a party animal and never have been. I am a Storyteller.
So telling my stories and singing my songs is who I am and what I do best. Therefore that is what I am focused on.

Great Experience at Georgetown Vineyards


Washtub Bass

Yesterday while hauling some heavy equipment for an Amish friend, I had a bit of a brain storm.

A few years ago Wes Humble gave me this wonderful ” Washtub Bass ”

I got to thinking…. If there’s a ” Spoon Lady ” out there playing the spoons and entertaining people. Why don’t I get me a ” Washtub Bass Lady ” to accompany me with my Storyteller / Singer/ Songwriter shows. It could be a ” Win, Win ” situation for both of us.wash tub bass

This Evening at Georgetown Vineyards

This evening at ” Georgetown Vineyards ” from 5-8pm I will debuting the song Brink Brinkman and I wrote ” Live To Sing Again ”
It tells the story from the perspective of the Curly Maple tree that ” P&E Instruments ” built this guitar out of for me.

The tree thought it’s life was over the day the logger cut it down. But…it was given new life in the form of a guitar. Which I will be playing tonight.

Here are the lyrics to the chorus, which Brink came up with.

” Just when… I thought my song was over… I found myself… in the Masters hands, the music hadn’t died… He brought me back to life.  Resurrected… I’d live to sing again. “

White Oak From My Timber Cutting Days

My personal biggest and best White Oak from my timber cutting days.

Superior Hardwoods bought this one. The owner Adam Conway said that of the hundreds of thousands of White Oak logs he had bought. This one was the most perfect specimen he had ever seen.

The ” Ohio State University ” took a cross section sample to study. It was 364 years old, when I cut it in 2005. So it’s life started in 1641.

Do I Have a Considerable Following?

When checking out a venue to play my music at. The owner asked me if I had a considerable following.

To which I replied…..” Well…since you asked, yes I do. I’ve got the FBI, BATF, CIA, numerous state and local police agencies, several county sheriff’s, private investigators, and numerous bounty hunters, all following me from state to state. Not to mention all the bill collectors.

So yessir, you might say, I certainly have a considerable following. “

Awesome Sunset at Ravens Glenn Winery

The Lord blessed with an awesome sunset at the end of my Storyteller/Singer/Songwriter show at ” Ravens Glenn Winery ”

It was such a pleasure to play for those who appreciate the songs and listen. Also to have conversations with the patrons about my music.

Also had a request for one of my all time favorite songs ” Welcome To My World ” Which helped the tip bucket.

You’ll Be Next In Line

You’ll Be Next In Line written by Chuck Williams. Recorded with Curtis Jones on Mandolin, Kim Jones on bass, both on harmony vocals. Myself on guitar and lead vocals. Video by David Slone

My 1939 D18 Martin

1939 D18 Martin I brokered the sale of a couple years ago. It was the last guitar my good friend Tom Dew bought before he passed away.

I took it to Mike Weems in Anderson SC, for Tom and Mike did his magic on it.

It was on awesome sounding guitar. It needed a neck reset, new bridge and saddle, a couple of small cracks stabilized, and cleaned up.

Mike said it was nice to work on a ” 39 ” D18 that was completely original and he didn’t have to fix anyone else’s mistakes.


Covered Bridge on Jeffries Rd

As a kid I spent many days playing in this old covered bridge. We would fish from the ” Window ” openings in the sides. We’d catch shiners, creek chubs, blue gills, small mouth, and rock bass.
Hauled many wagon loads of hay, and ear corn across it too.
It was on Jeffries Rd and was replaced in the 80’s.
I also lived on this road for 19 years.

Mission Accomplished

While going through some of the songs I have written, and haven’t done in awhile. I came across one that I titled….
” Mission Accomplished ”

Here are the lyrics for the chorus….

Mission Accomplished are the words I long to hear, on that great day, when He calls me outta here.

As I walk with Him, upon those Holy hills, just to hear Him say… “Son…you’ve done my perfect will.”

A crown of life I will have won.

Mission Accomplished, my work here is done.