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The Creative Juices Are Still Runnin Here at Blood Mountain Georgia

Well the creative juices are still runnin here at Blood Mountain Georgia. We were at it again till 2am, I laid down around 3am. Back up at 8am taking after my good friend Brink Brinkman. Made coffee then started making up words.

Wrote one inspired by a visit almost a year ago with Mike Cunningham. We were reminiscing about all the old guys around we worked with in the oilfield. As we named of the different ones, we realized they all are dead now.

I then told Mike….” Guess what? We’re next in line! ” Those words hit me hard. I’ve carried the idea around for almost a year now.

So this morning I wrote the song titled

” You’ll Be Next In Line “

Chuck Williams and Curtis Jones – Autumn Breeze

Midnight jam session at Jones manor with Chuck Williams on guitar and lead vocals, Curtis Jones on mandolla and tenor vocals, and Kim Jones on upright bass.

This is a beautiful song written by Chuck Williams and Tyler Williams Called Autumn Breeze.

We are so thankful to have Chuck here recording his new record which this song will be featured on!

We were also lucky enough to have Tyler here a few days ago recording piano and vocals as well. So very thankful to God for the gift of music and family and Chuck and Tyler are definitely that.

Thanks and much love to you all. ENJOY.

Productive Week at Wolf Tracks (and Bunny) Recording Studio

Been a very productive week here at ” Wolf Tracks (and Bunny) Recording Studio ”

In the last week I’ve laid down seven songs, written one with Tyler Williams, wrote one with Curtis Jones and Kim Jones. Wrote a new Gospel song today ” The Masters Voice ”

Played rhythm guitar on a recording for Tyler, and tonight singing on a recording for Curtis and Kim. Nothing better than the feeling of accomplishment.

Anna Ruby Falls Near Helen Georgia

“Anna Ruby Falls” near Helen Georgia

As I marveled at the falls, I began thinking about how I wished that wasn’t always alone on my travels. Then it hit me, I’m never alone! The very creator of Heaven and Earth, the Lord of Glory is always at my side!

Enjoy His marvelous creation as I did.

Glad to Have My Guitar Back From Mike Weems

Glad to have my baby back! She had to make a trip to the guitar doctor Mike Weems in Anderson SC. She was getting hard to fret in a couple of places and some buzz.

He did a fret job and set up. She plays like a new one now! Mike does great work!

Lost To A Stranger

A couple of days after my last trip to Kentucky, I received a message asking me to come back down. They invited me to sing August 11th, at “Sipp Theater” in Paintsville, KY. For a tribute to the many country music stars from East Kentucky.

The songs were to be from Loretta Lynn, Hylo Brown, Dwight Yoakum, Ricky Scaggs and others.

Here is one of the songs I chose. ” Lost To A Stranger ” recorded by both Hylo Brown and Ricky Scaggs.

I like resurrecting some of these old tunes.

First On Stage Mickeys Mountain 2018

Sharing a picture of one of my most memorable experiences. I had the opportunity to be the first one on stage at the 2018 ” Bluegrass In The Hills Festival ” at Mickeys Mountain.

Patrick Kirker playing bass, and Alby Lopez on the Mandolin. Read more

Jammin’ With Alby Lopez And Friends At Mickey’s Mountain Bluegrass Festival

Had a great time Jammin with Alby Lopez and friends till about 2 am this morning.

There was a 13yr old banjo picker that was totally amazing. Then a 4yr old little boy guitar in hand, tagging along with his Daddy.
Alby was all smiles and said, “That is what Bluegrass music is all about! The little guy is the future of our music tradition.”

At The Penny Royal With David Carroll

From last Friday night, ” Hammertowne ” was playing at The Penny Royal , David Carroll and myself. It had been to long, since I had seen and heard them.

David has become a very good friend since we first met back 2012 at ” The Country Music Museum ” in Paintsville, KY. I was going there every Thursday night, just to learn Bluegrass music. I sure miss those days.

Play Softer or Sing Louder!

Play Softer or Sing Louder!

My friend Tom Dew who taught music over 35 years and is now legally blind. Has me come to his home, so he can try to help me out with my guitar playing. One thing I appreciate about Tom… he is brutally honest. He doesn’t pull any punches.

He gave me some sound words of advice again yesterday. He really wants me to do good with my songs. Especially next week in Arkansas at the, “Power Of Music Festival”

He said this, “Chuck, you aren’t selling your guitar. You are selling your songs! So one of two things, either play softer, or sing louder! You can’t sell a song if you can’t hear and understand the lyrics.”