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Life of a Rambler

“Seems like lately… all I do… is travel, ramble and roam… When I get back… to where I started from… I’m still a long way from home…

In this race against loneliness, it seems that I just can’t win… and how can I go back… to a place… I’ve never been.

(Chorus) That old highway is callin me… callin me once again… goin over that mountain… gotta check around the bend… That old river is deep and wide… gotta get to the other side… cause the life of a Rambler… that’s the one for me…

(2nd verse) I am never in a hurry… to get to where I’m headed… lookin for that unfamiliar face… that I don’t even know… Soon as I recognize… all those faces that I see… then I know it’s leavin time… yeah it’s leavin time for me…

(Chorus) That old highway is callin me… callin me once again… goin over that mountain… gotta check around the bend… That old river is deep and wide… gotta get to the other side… cause the life of a Rambler… that’s the one for me… Yeah the life of a Rambler… that’s the one for me…”

I wrote this one about 5 years ago when I was living near Jonesborough Tennessee

Nickle Valley Resorts

Nickle Valley Resorts

Had a very enjoyable time playing at ” Nickle Valley Resorts ” last night. Pat Kirker, Ed Townsend , Dave Suver and myself had never played together collectively. But everyone enjoyed themselves and the owner Jim Brown came to me afterwards and booked us back for another show. So on Oct 9th ” Chuck Williams and Friends ” will be back.

Also I got the bluegill fish dinner and it was awesome! I want to thank Mark Crawmer for coming out to listen.

Been on the road since 5:47 this morning, stopped for a bite of breakfast in Waverly and headed on to Georgia.

French Ridge Winery

French Ridge Winery

Had a wonderful time playing at “French Ridge Winery” in Killbuck, Ohio tonight.

Pat Kirker came and played bass for me. Then my friend Merlin Gingrich, his wife and family showed up.

I asked Merlin to play one of his original songs “Devil In A Dress” so he obliged. Merlin is playing my Maple guitar in this picture.

Then as I was finishing up tonight, the owner told me to get with him before I left. He put me on the calendar for more upcoming dates.

I’m happy to say that I’ll be playing at “French Ridge Winery” on Aug 12th, My 62nd birthday.

What a great way to celebrate by doing something I really enjoy. Playing my songs.

Changes in Saturdays show at Nickle Valley Resorts

Changes in Saturdays show at Nickle Valley Resorts

There’s been some changes in this Saturday evening show at “Nickle Valley Resorts”

From 7-10pm ” Chuck Williams and Friends ” will be playing a Traditional Country and Bluegrass Music Show!

Joining me will be Pat Kirker on the upright bass, Ed Townsend on mandolin and harmony vocals, Dave Suver on guitar and vocals.

So come on out for a beautiful evening of great food, drink and live music!

Gathers Your Firewood Before the First Snowflake Falls

A wise man gathers his supply of firewood long before the first snowflake falls. In life we will face many different kinds of ” winters “
So I would be a wise man , to gather my wood, before the first snowflake falls.
Therfore I must ask myself, ” What ” winter “in my life is coming next and what must I do to prepare for it?
We were also instructed to use wisdom in all things.
If I had a worn out tire on my car. Would I take off on a thousand mile trip and just say… “I just put it in the Lord’s hands?”
Then have a blowout and say… “The devil blew out my tire.”
No, I had a blowout because I didn’t use wisdom. I knew I had a bad tire and didn’t do anything about it. Wisdom is… the ability to apply knowledge. Knowledge in and of itself is useless, unless that knowledge is applied.

Helping the Amish at Blue Rock

Helping the Amish at Blue Rock

Helping the Amish down at Blue Rock today. Bringing in the materials for a new pole barn.

The rain last night got things a bit to muddy. We had to get a dozer to pull the load on up the hill.

The picture doesn’t show just how steep the hill is, but if you’re familiar with the Blue Rock area you’ll know she’s pretty steep.

Curtis Jones and Myself on Blood Mountain Georgia

Curtis Jones and Myself on Blood Mountain Georgia

This picture of Curtis Jones and myself on Blood Mountain Georgia, is what gave me the inspiration to write… ” Cold Day On Blood Mountain ”

It was about ten degrees and very windy that day.

Lord willing I’ll be heading back to Blood Mountain one week from today. I’ll be playing some shows with Curtis and Kim Jones along with two of my own shows. Hopefully writing some new songs and maybe some Trout fishing.
When we get together the creative juices seem to flow effortlessly. While staying there with Curtis and Kim, I’ve written several songs.

” Cold Day On Blood Mountain ”
” All That Remains Is A Song ”
” Another Wreck On The Mountain Today ”
” You’ll Be Next In Line ”
” The Masters Voice ”
” Rope The Wind ” which the three of us worked together on together.

In Memory of Jim Farmer also Know as The Tunnel Bum

Posting this picture in memory of Jim Farmer, also know as ” The Tunnel Bum ” who passed away six years ago, yesterday.

This picture reminds me of the line Brink Brinkman and I wrote in our song ” The Tunnel Bum ” which goes like this…..

” On a cold December morning the water is frozen in his cup. Yet everyone who drives by, gets a smile and a wave to cheer them up. ”
Every time I drive through the tunnel, I miss seeing Jim and his friendly wave. He gave me these words of wisdom during a visit one summer day. He said….” Chuck, you gotta live life in order to learn life. ”
He always called me his ” Crazy eye Angel friend. ” I miss my old friend.

Jim Farmer, The Tunnel Bum

Great Experience at Georgetown Vineyards

Just wanted to share what a great experience I had playing at ” Georgetown Vineyards ” last night.

When I first started playing at several central Ohio wineries. One of the owners at a Winery up north said to me….” I don’t care what you play, just so you can keep the customers here and they enjoy it. Because the longer you keep them here, the more money they spend. ”

Last night the people who came stayed for a couple hours after finishing their meal. They turned their chairs around so they could face me and listen intently. One couple in particular were from Cincinnati and were just passing through. When they were leaving, the gentleman came up and put a sizable tip in the tip bucket and said…..” You Sir, did a wonderful job and you are truly one of a kind. ”

I believe that I have found my niche by just being me. I’m not a party animal and never have been. I am a Storyteller.
So telling my stories and singing my songs is who I am and what I do best. Therefore that is what I am focused on.

Great Experience at Georgetown Vineyards


Washtub Bass

Yesterday while hauling some heavy equipment for an Amish friend, I had a bit of a brain storm.

A few years ago Wes Humble gave me this wonderful ” Washtub Bass ”

I got to thinking…. If there’s a ” Spoon Lady ” out there playing the spoons and entertaining people. Why don’t I get me a ” Washtub Bass Lady ” to accompany me with my Storyteller / Singer/ Songwriter shows. It could be a ” Win, Win ” situation for both of us.wash tub bass